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The Complete Bach Concertos

The Complete Bach Concertos


Barock Solisten

Baroque Ensemble of the

The Complete Concertos for Solo Keyboard by Johann Sebastian Bach (BWV 1052-1058)


Very few ensembles specializing in early music can display a level of artistic mastery akin to that of the Berliner Barock Solisten. Comprised of prominent members of the Berliner Philharmoniker, the musicians have created a unique approach to performing works of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Their flexibility and homogeneity is virtually unparalleled internationally, having elicited worldwide acclaim from both public and press. The ensemble’s activities are documented on a rich discography with Deutsche Grammophon, EMI, and other leading labels.

Alexandros Kapelis teams up with the Berliner Barock Solisten, recording the complete concertos for solo keyboard and orchestra by Johann Sebastian Bach (BWV 1052-1058).  This is the first time that the musicians will record the entire set of these concertos.  A tour-de-force for soloist and ensemble alike, the artists have performed all of Bach’s solo keyboard concertos in one evening, giving the audience the rare opportunity to hear these masterpieces in one go.

Following the upcoming release of their recording, the ensemble and Kapelis will embark into a series of worldwide performances, kicking off their tour at Bach's final resting place at the Thomaskirche in Leipzig.

Berlin Philharmonic

Alexandros Kapelis is joined by the

Epicenter Venice Music Festival

Epicenter Venice Music Festival

Artistic Director & Founder

Epicenter Venice

Alexandros Kapelis launches 

A New International Music Festival

set to shake the cultural landscape
in Venice - and beyond

The City of Venice is a very important point of reference in the collective mind of the world.  As such, the eyes of the world turn to Venice several times each year for some of the world’s most celebrated cultural events, such as the Venice Contemporary Art Biennale, the Venice Film Festival, or Carnival. However, the City has not had a festival that can measure up to the great classical music festivals of the world, such as Verbier, Lucerne, or Salzburg, where one could hear the greatest soloists and orchestras within a concentrated short period of time. This singular void in the City’s fabric, coupled with its stunning venues and historical connection to most classical composers, make this festival a compelling and long-overdue project.

The City of Venice is also defined by its fragile equilibrium with nature. This duality lends itself to highlight the ravages inflicted by the modern world to both culture and environment. As such, it is the aim of the Festival to become a symbol of the reconciliation of culture and nature.


In September of 2022, the Festival saw its inaugural Pilot Edition with performances in key Venetian locations by renowned artists that included Mischa Maisky, Janine Jansen, the Berliner Barock Solisten of the Berlin Philharmonic, joined by Alexandros Kapelis, under whose leadership as Artistic Director the festival moves towards its first edition on 14-20 September 2025, which is set to shake the cultural landscape of Venice—and beyond. 

The Greco-Latin Trust

for Young Pianists

An initiative by Alexandros Kapelis

“A young musician’s ability to grow and flourish should be based on talent, potential, perseverance, and moral character—not on their family’s finances.
Alexandros Kapelis

The Greco-Latin Trust for Young Pianists aims to help aspiring young musicians pursue their musical studies in London. Every year, the Trust will select one piano student of Greek or Latin American background and will offer the young musician a maximum stipend of 10,000 GBP to help cover the student’s living expenses in London for one year.  Founded by Alexandros Kapelis, the Trust reflects Kapelis’ own experience as a student in New York :

“When I was 20 years old, I came to New York as a graduate student at the prestigious Mannes School of Music.  The school had generously granted me a full scholarship that covered all of my tuition, but I still had to face the challenge of covering my living expenses in New York. Although I remember this time of my life fondly, I also can’t forget how difficult it was to fend for myself while pursuing a full-time programme at one of the world’s leading music schools.


Today, many young musicians, especially from countries facing economic challenges such as Greece or the Latin American nations, have shared with me their similar story. They have been admitted to leading schools and have been awarded a full-time scholarship to cover their tuition, but they find little time to practice as they spend most of their day doing the odd job in order to make ends meet.  Admission to these elite music schools is extremely competitive, with thousands of applicants from all over the world vying for a few select openings.  It is a great privilege to be admitted—even more so with a full scholarship. I find it tragic that these young people, who have had the drive to make it so far, cannot fully rise to the occasion because of financial constraints. I aim to give these aspiring musicians the opportunity to immerse themselves in their art for a year, and to fully apply themselves during this important period."

Alexandros Kapelis Greco-Latin Trust

Application to the Trust is open to musicians from Greece or Latin-America pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in Piano Performance, currently enrolled as a full-time student (or accepted to a full-time programme) at the Royal Academy of Music, the Royal College of Music, the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and the Trinity Laban Conservatory of Music and Dance. For more information and to apply, visit this link.

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